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3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Firms Data on a daily basis:

  1. Perform daily backups with at least 5 backup sets of media. Daily rotate this media and once a week take a backup set off site, to a bank or to your home. A lot of companies use the same backup device every day. If the media (floppy, CD, Zip, etc) is no good you do not have a valid restorable backup.
  2. Have "all" computers that access your accounting system plugged into an interruptible power supply, including the network server. This protects your computer from corrupt information due to power fluctuations.
  3. From time to time test the backup device to make sure it is functioning properly. Too many times we attempt to help companies restore a backup that is not readable.

Important notes before you upgrade your Timeslips Software:

  1. Backup your Timeslips software data using at least 2 backup sets
  2. Print your accounts receivable detailed aging report (mark it  'before')
  3. Upgrade your software to the current release
  4. Print your accounts receivable detailed aging report (mark it 'after')
  5. Compare the before conversion and the after conversion reports to make sure they are the same
  6. Backup your Timeslips software  data